Wednesday, 30 July 2014

An intro to Fin & Batty

Hi, I'm Shanna, and absolutely no one knows me as either Fin or Batty.  Though, I suppose, many probably think I'm a little batty...but I like bats, bats are cool, so I'm okay with that.

Batty is actually short for Bastet, the Egyptian goddess of cats, protection, joy, dance, music and love.  In this incarnation, she's a bit of a jerk, but is mostly an indifferent calico cat that wanders from perch to perch and sleeps in the multitude of both designated and unauthorised beds scattered throughout our funky little WW II era house.

Bastet in her red velvet bucket, looking adorable, and likely plotting my demise.
Fin is short for Finnegan, who is 4.7kg of energetic wiener dog.  He plays hard and crashes hard.  I've had a dachshund tick*
*described as the uncontrollable urge to point and yell 'wiener' followed by fits of slightly manic giggling whenever a dachshund is in view.  A miniature dachshund elicits a exponentially more intense tick.
for decades, and once the ink was dry on the signature block for our very first home, the scheming to get one for my very own had begun.  And by scheming, I mean I mentioned that I wanted to get a wiener dog, and my husband, Jeff, said, awesome, and I spent the next two years debating whether I wanted to take on the responsibility of dog ownership.  This is how these things go in our house.

When introduced, Finnegan was a tiny ball of adorable that consisted mainly of nose
Honestly, look at that face.
(he has a spectacular overbite), and Batty had had the run of the house for over a year.  He was not a welcome addition to her world.  Over time, his presence has evolved from potential threat to potential prey to another useless roommate that can mostly be ignored.
I'll get you and your little dog too.
Together, Fin and Batty serve as living examples of two of the central tiles in my mosaic brain - the energy and obsessive compulsiveness of Finnegan and the reserved, observational indifference of Bastet.  I know, right?  That Jeff is a lucky guy.

I am a nerd (I named our cat after an Egyptian goddess), I have a tiny Peter Pan complex (yes, Finnegan as in the dog of Casey), I am crazy (so, more than one complex really, and I have the drugs to prove it).  But mostly, I am a crow (-shiny !!!) and collect objects as well as ideas bright and brilliant, and I have started this little page to share collected and original thoughts, hopefully amusing musings and to put some creative energy back into the world.

Welcome to the world of Fin & Batty.

XO, S. 

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