Friday, 3 October 2014

Random wine thoughts

I use to sleep with a notebook beside my bed to jot down the brilliant ideas I got whole drifting in the grey zone between awake and asleep.
I would classify this as Finnegan's grey zone. But his grey zone lasts minutes, if not seconds.
There have been some good ones, infinitely better than Flaming Globes of Zigmund. I've had brainstorms about briefing notes, brainwaves about decorating, insightful observations about the human condition, thoughts about garments to sew, places to see, weekend plans etc, etc. Alas, in doing so, I was also exiting the grey zone and re-entering awake. And once in awake, my brain does not like returning to the grey zone, let alone allow me to travel to asleep. Thus brilliance also led to wicked insomnia. Extended insomnia leads straight down the path to crazy-town (see the Bloggess for some exceptional insights into this condition). 

In trying to contain the crazy, I decided that sleep > brilliant ideas, and I banished electronics and writing implements for my bedside...antique bentwood chair that serves as a table. Sleep has now been easier (though still not consistent), but late night brilliance is left to my sleep addled brain to try to remember the next day. As such, my ideas are hardly fully formed and often forgotten all together. Case in point, last night I thought of a poignant and hilarious blog entry. But today you get this.

Happy Friday!

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