Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Pupternity leave

Well, a leave from my blog, since furbabies are not recognised as a need for actual leave.  Jeff, Fin, Batty and I welcomed a new member to our clan on January 3.  Well, kind of.  Batty isn't the most welcoming of kitties at the best of times, and yet another canine invading her home has left her a little grumpier than usual.  Still...Fin is now a big brother (and no one has ever called him 'big' before!) to a little wiener we call Ferguson, or Gus for short (really short).

So, all this to say , my lack of posting is more about a lack of spare time, not about a lack of things happening.  This is Gus, in all his puppy adorableness. 

It should be noted that both Fin and Gus are very social media savvy pups.  Jeff has them both on

the Twitter @Finn_and_Gus
the Facebook @ Finnegan MacWiener
the Vine @finn_and_Gus

And I post a disproportionate number of wiener pictures on Instagram @finandbatty

so that you can keep up on all the wiener dog antics.

<3 Fin and Gus (and Batty)

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