Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The 'what's left in the fridge/freezer/panty' menu

Last week was lazy, so this week was realllllly lazy.  It was a kind of "I have this stuff" week, so therefore I'm going to make these dishes which are good, little to no work and included ingredients that were tucked away in one of my food storage areas.  Inspiring, I know.  I'm really dragging my ass through this last stretch of winter.  The 40cm of snow that got added to our glaciated garden on Sunday has done nothing to lessen my 'meh' mood.  And they're saying that we're going to get 30cm more tonight and tomorrow.  Honestly, f-you winter, you win.  I surrender.

So bright and lovely...I use my indoor grill when
the weather gets me down.
Sunday - Lamb Kofta with Focaccia wedges and Greek salad.  The lamb is from Jamie at Home(last year's) Spring lamb from Grand Pre; Gluten-free pizza crusts brushed with olive oil, dusted with rock salt, minced garlic and (last year's) garden rosemary; and a feta-less salad of vine ripened cherry tomatoes, cucumber, kalamata olives, arugula and lemon zest with oregano vinegarette.

Monday - Leftover Beef Ragu with gremolata.  One batch from the slow cooker is enough for several meals for us.  This one was frozen back in February and we re-heated, paired with a fresh gremolata and scarfed it down before Gus's puppy class.

Tuesday - Pork Scallopini with lemon wine sauce and brocolini.  Another one from the irritatingly titled cook book. But this is a keeper.  I do love cooking with wine, and capers, and shallots.   

Wednesday - Bibimbap.  This is a different take on Korean comfort food.

Thursday - Chorizo, bell pepper and mushroom omelets.  Bacon on the side.  Sometimes you just need breakfast for dinner.

Friday - Winter blasting games night with Cards Against Humanity and DixIt.  We started tame with Dixit and then, well lubricated, we ventured into truly horrible (and hilarious) places with CAH.  Laugh until it hurts...

Saturday - We ventured out, pre-storm, for some beverages and food with our neighbours, and then took in "The Pillowman" by Martin McDonagh at the Bus Stop Theatre.  To say that I loved the play would probably point to a very deep and disturbing psychological issue, so, let's just say it's a dozy.  The production was quite enjoyable (context setting puppet shows that were both superb and totally crazy) and the soundtrack was perfectly off putting.  It was a fun night to break up the winter doldrums.

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