Friday, 29 August 2014

Bottling Summer

Seeing my baby squashes all grown up threw my summer enjoyment into overdrive.  Last winter was simply villainous, and I need to fill myself with sunshine goodness before the weather turns and we begin the slow march to the winter blahs.  So, I packed myself into the car to drive to the bastion of Nova Scotia summerness, the Valley - namely Wolfville and Grand Pre.  30C of glorious sunshine surrounded by farmland and eased away from muggy oppression by the light, salty breeze.
My plan was to have a perfect girly day...antiques, farmer's markets and vineyards.  My plan was a success.  I drove straight to my favourite antique store, Country Barn Antiques, in Port Williams.  It's four floors of chaotic antiquing in a circa 1860 post and beam barn.  I mean, it's heaven.  I'm always on the look out for something funky, and lately, I've been enamoured with 1960s Miller Studio chalkware.  Why?  I don't know; it's bright and cheerful, I remember it being in my grandparent's house, so a little nostalgic and, frankly, I'm a little odd.  When I bought my pieces for a song, the proprietor asked me, in slightly different words, if that's what the kids were in to these days.  He also told me to tell you that you should all go visit him because he has a lot more chalkware somewhere.  So there you go, friends, I know you can't wait!

Mint condition, still in the box.  Tweet tweet!
At the farmer's market, I bought 25lbs of produce to can up the peak of the season berries, fruits and veg.  I've been busy in the kitchen ever since.  More on that this weekend.

My final stop was the vineyard at Grand Pre.  I was interested in seeing the newly designated UNESCO world heritage site in it's full glory.  A dear friend of mine worked his ass off to see the designation through, and I hadn't yet seen the finished product.

The stunning cultural landscape recognised at Grand Pre.
I intend to tip a glass of delicious Nova Scotia white from one of the several bottles I picked up on my way home.

Happy Friday!

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