Friday, 15 August 2014

Just Bliss - Vintage Patterns

Fashion - she's a fickle one isn't she? One day you're all the rage, the next, yesterday's news and the next, well, you could bounce back and you could be considered classic vintage, or retro chic. It could go not so well, dropping you in the dated, cringe worthy category. Or it could go really not well. Like the 70s. Thank goodness for thrift stores and pattern books that date the heck out of themselves. Let's explore some of those - that's what Fridays are for.

Let's start in the house. I know when I'm decorating, I'm always on the look out for home accessories that will make me feel nurtured and that have a touch of whimsy. Do you think those were the same considerations for this delightful giant vagina blanket and matching wall hanging?
A truly mesmerising vulva.

"Tom and I had a double-bogey last night!"
How about sportswear? I'm sure these lovely ladies were a hit down at the country club. First for a round on the links, then we'll head to the courts for a rousing match.  And nothing caps off your tennis whites and granny-square vest like a hand-crocheted turban.  All in all, a rather fetching outfit.
Sue's left eye is actually glass, so binoculars are utterly confounding to her.

Finally, I will leave you with this thought, ski masks are not a good idea unless, and this is a big unless, you are actively snowmobiling in the north in a place where large ungulates outnumber the human population 3-1.  Otherwise, you look like a psycho killer or bank robber no matter how nicely it frames your eyes or how big your pompom is. Imagine being known as the pompom killer.  Full on crazy.
They suggest a red, white and blue colour combination.
Of course they do.

Happy Friday!

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