Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Upcycle - The Huxtable Sweater

Americans toss over 11.1 trillion tons of textiles in the trash each year, the equivalent to about 31kg per person.  In Canada, it's closer to 7kg per person, which is better, but still gross.  It might also point to us being colder, and not wanting to toss our blankets and sweaters, or us being more fashion conservative.

And we all know those sweaters.  The ones we keep long after their best before date because they're super cosy or because of a deep sense of sentimentality.  Case in point, this crime against fashion (and perhaps even humanity) that was buried deep in the pre-married pile of my husband's closet.

Clair made Cliff get rid of this sweater in season 6.  He gave it to Elvin.
Or this stunner from  my high school Lorena McKennitt fan-girl days, when all I wanted was a university boy to quote Tennyson to me.
I found such a boy, and not surprisingly, in retrospect, he ended up being a douche.
Sorry if you're out there Tim, I'm sure you grew up just fine.
Just because these sweaters should never again be seen in the wild does not mean they have no use, not that they should become garbage.  In fact, our furry four legged friends have plenty of love for a cosy place to rest their weary heads.  How they manage to get so world weary is beyond me, but still.

Finnegan is in charge of quality control in my little one woman factory.
This bed passed inspection
The beds will be available for purchase on my Etsy shop - Fin & Batty - this fall.  If you purchase a bed, $5 will be donated to the Canadian Dachshund Rescue Atlantic in support of the rescue efforts of the group.  Jeff, Finnegan and I are all member of the rescue and encourage you to visit their page to find out more.

Snuggles to your 4-legged friend, and happy Tuesday!

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