Thursday, 18 September 2014

Et tu, Brute?

I was in Ottawa for work this past week and early this week. It is always a full schedule with very little down time, but I do quite enjoy visits to our nation's capital. The city is super vibrant, embracing each season with gusto. Winterlude begets spring flowers, transitions to festival season, changes to fall colours and back again. The city is bursting with museums, music and food. I love to cook, and I really appreciate a well cooked meal. I know that I am not the simplest person to accommodate, give my many food special needs, but I've had some brilliant meals in Ottawa.

Some of my favourite spots to eat when visiting:
Play - the menu is constantly shifting, masterfully incorporating new flavours and cutting edge, fresh, local ingredients. Whenever I sit down, I self identify as 'that' patron, the one with a million questions, the difficult diet and a self proclaimed foodie. Play actually embraces all of these things, and the staff know their shit. The wait staff do not hesitate to explain each dish, what's adjustable and what is off the table. I love the full engagement. Pricey, yes. Worth every penny, also yes.

Just look at it!!!
The Albion Rooms - go and order the Marcus Brutus right now. It's the best Cesar you've ever had, isn't it? It's a thing of beauty - normally I would quibble about the cucumber garnish (I'm a full on spicy bean girl), but since they use it as a base for a multi layered stack of in house made chorizo and pancetta, I really can't fault them. It's also all about the Walter's Cesar mix, delicious locally made blend of fresh tomatoes and New Brunswick clam juice. I could go on and on about it, but let it be known that the food is equally good!

The Zen Kitchen - this is a new find for me. It's a vegan and gluten free restaurant on the edge of Chinatown. This is vegan fine dining. The setting is upscale but patchouli, no speeches, just really good food. I had the polenta fries with the Zen Burger. It was Divine. Avocado, smoked mushrooms, fresh veggies and a gluten free onion ring. So so good.

Jeff recently got himself a new phone
with a fancy camera and fancy editing app. 
I am mightily jealous. 
Jeff came to join me at the end of my first week.  He was mightily excited by the Ottawa craft beer scene.  He declared their IPAs passable, but many of their more experimental ales exceptional.  We were also treated to fairly underwhelming weather, but it did not damper our enthusiasm for the Ottawa Folk Festival.  The highlight?  Without a doubt, The War on Drugs.

See you tomorrow for Just Bliss - Vintage Patterns!

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