Friday, 5 September 2014

Just Bliss - Vintage Patterns 2

Kids, before they begin to exercise their free-will (temper tantrums) are routinely used as experimental fashion dolls by their parents (mothers).  Preppy boys and princess girls, punk-rock babies and lumber jack hipsters...with kids, anything goes.  Here are some delightful knit wears that alternately scream, 'please lure me to the playground where you can steal my lunch money and give me a hard lesson in schoolyard politics' and 'oh God, I better start exercising my free-will much sooner than many of my contemporaries'.

Really Mom?  This doesn't seem very safe for someone that may only
barely in the zombie-walking stage of development.  Concussions will abound.
Ponchos occupy the margins of fashion.  Clint Eastwood managed to pull them off, but he was decidedly bad-ass while wearing them.  I enjoy a good fashion cape, but a poncho only ever makes me look like I put up a mean fight getting out of bed, but ultimately my blankets won.

On the upside, if the tricycle has an unfortunate rollover
these knits should have enough padding to ensure little injury.
This kid looks like they were having some difficulty finding their motivation for the fashion shoot.  The expression is one of reluctant compliance.  I sure hope there was an ice cream reward for having to model this little number.
Smile while you can, Suzy.  Smile while you can.
What gets me about so many of these patterns is just how much work is involved to create much work going into something that will have little Suzy in tears and shaking her fist at the sky soon enough.  Potentially adorable to some, this outfit doesn't even serve a practical purpose unless she is actually one of Santa's elves and Santa doesn't heat his workshop.  In the snow it would be useless.

I probably wouldn't have picked up this last little book, except that the cover model looked so much like a young Emma Watson, it kind of blew my mind.  Of course, this photo was taken approximately 20years before she was even born.
What Hermione thought of as magical before her letter from
Hogwarts arrived.
Happy Friday everyone!

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