Saturday, 6 September 2014

Launched! Etsy is live.

Holy smokes guys.  After years of humming, hawing, rationalising, procrastinating, planning, abandoning plans and reinitialising plans, I can finally say, I have an Etsy shop!!

The shop is going to be focused on creations from vintage patterns, re-purposed fabrics and upcycled treasures.  From there, we will that the genie is out of the bottle, who knows what will inspire me next.

Some tidbits from the shop:

I love the bee trim on the pocket

I've been busy making aprons using pillowcases and vintage napkins.  I think they've turned out pretty spiffy.  Viva l'apron revolution! (or however that might translate). 

Jeff was very accommodating in helping me with the photo shoot.  I noticed in going back over the shots, he was particularly thorough in capturing a lot of the back detail.  Such a sweet boy.

Hope you'll drop on by and have a look!

My butt is about to become an Etsy superstar.

I've also been working on:
Upcycled Sweater Beds

Saucy Pin-Up Girl Tree Ornaments
Fin & Batty Finnegan Pillows
And Granny Chic Vintage Teacup Candles

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